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5 things to Do for Happier Life

5 things to Do for Happier Life

The biggest regrets on the deathbed are typically about what you haven’t said or done earlier in your life. Australian Bronnie Ware knows this from her job, attending to the needs of those who were dying. She has published a book called “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying,” where she shares her inspiring and honest journey, which will leave you feeling kinder towards yourself and others, and more determined to live the life you are truly here to live.

In this post, I will share five things that you can do to achieve a happier life.

1. Be True To Yourself

Do what you feel like and not what others expect of you. It is your life, and neither your husband/wife, your children, your parents, nor your friends should decide how you live it. So many people spend way too much time worrying about what others might think of them. Stop it, instead put your worries aside, and live life the way you want to live it.

Practice stopping and asking yourself what you dream about and how you would like to spend your time — and then do something about it if you do not live as you wish. Many postpone their plans. “When the children grow up, I must…”, “When I retire, I must…”, “When I get a little more time, I must…”. But be careful with that. We never know when it’s too late, and there’s nothing worse than sitting back with a lot of dreams we never got to take time to fulfill.

Start living the life you want right away!

2. Express Your Feelings

Show and tell people around you that you care about them. It may seem eager to open up, be honest and express your feelings, but it is essential to do — both for the sake of others and for your own sake.

Please do not take for granted that people intuitively know how you feel about them. If you love someone, tell them so. Be careful not to tie yourself up and pull yourself away for fear of being hurt. You will be hurt in the course of your life if you open up and allow others to get close, but if you do not, it can be difficult — and perhaps even impossible — to find happiness and love.

Everyone needs someone to share their sorrows as well as joys with!

3. Work Less

Allow yourself to keep free and enjoy life. While it’s nice (and necessary) to make money, it’s rarely what makes you happy in the end. Some people are so busy toiling that they forget to prioritize their family and create memories with the people who mean the most to them. Even if you are happy with your job, ask yourself if it is what makes you most comfortable and if you need a new car and a big house. Maybe there is something more important than status, money, and job, and perhaps it’s time to prioritize your time differently.

Many people feel that their job defines who they are, but keep in mind that you — thankfully — are much more than just your profession, your results, and what you own.

4. Be Kind To Others

Modern man tends to be a bit selfish, and it’s good to be aware of — and try to change — if you want to work on your sense of happiness. Research shows that you will move faster in the job market and life if you are kind and supportive to other people around you. You will also get healthier and even live longer.

However, this does not mean that you should let people take advantage of your kindness and support, but as long as you can find a healthy balance, your happiness needs to be good to others.

5. Live in the present

We constantly focus on the future because we have ambitions and goals for life. But if you always focus on the end, your stress levels in the body will increase. So remember to get back to the present when you can — although it can be difficult when your thoughts wander off approx—50 percent of the time.

You can try meditating, going for a walk, or avoiding using your phone all the time. This way, you become more present in your relationships with other people, and research shows that you will also become more successful. Not just at work but also in your private life.

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