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Category: Marketing

Are You Considering Social Proof in Your Marketing Strategy?

You’ve probably tried it before. But, unfortunately, you end up on a website that you have not used before, and before you make your purchase, you must first research the site’s credibility and legitimacy.

Precisely this phenomenon is also known in behavioral psychology as social proof. More precisely, it refers to how consumers unconsciously make decisions based on the assessments and experiences of others.

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How to Master Writing Texts on Boring Topics

If you work with copywriting, communication, or marketing, you have probably come across tasks where you have to make a slightly dry and dull topic.

If you have been in such a situation, you also know that it can seem like an eternally unmanageable task, and you may have even felt that your creative abilities fell short.

But luckily, there is help to get if you struggle to make a topic exciting that to others may seem bland or difficult to understand. It is quite possible to make an academic text go from boring to catchy.

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